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Convenient hours, a convenient location with ample parking right in front of the door, same day appointments and quick results to your doctor are just a few of the ways Kenosha Radiology Center accommodates your busy schedule. Our center offers you the latest technology available in outpatient diagnostic imaging and a pleasantly appointed facility with a kind, experienced staff. Exam costs at KRC are also consistently lower than at area hospitals, too.

We offer all the major imaging technologies. This provides you with the unique ability to move immediately from one technology to another if diagnosis would be better served with a different procedure or if one test reveals the need for a more targeted study. Your physician has chosen Kenosha Radiology Center for your exam because of our long standing tradition of excellence in diagnostic imaging and our commitment to quality patient care.

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Our History:

Kenosha Radiology Center, located in the heart of Kenosha County, Wisconsin, was founded by Board Certified radiologists Dr. John Pallin and Dr. Cary Pallin in 2002. KRC has set the standard in outpatient imaging expertise ever since. As part of our commitment to continually enhance our services, we frequently upgrade our imaging equipment and facilities. Some of our upgrades include expanding our facilities in March of 2006 and installing the first Ultra high-field 3T MRI in Southeastern Wisconsin. We have also recently upgraded our X-Ray and Fluroscopy suite and added digital X-Rays.

Kenosha Radiology has medical imaging technology rivaling that of advanced research hospitals

Kenosha Radiology Center utilizes a new, ultra high-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner. The Magnetom 3T Trio TIM MRI, from Siemens Medical Solutions, has two to four times the imaging strength of the standard MRIs in use today. This increased strength enables the 3T scanner to capture images with a level of detail, clarity and speed never before possible. "The images we are getting are unbelievable - like cut surgical specimens," according to Dr. John Pallin. "The fine anatomic detail obtained with the 3T provides for more accurate, definitive diagnoses allowing treating physicians to make better informed clinical decisions."

There are few 3T MRIs in Wisconsin or Illinois. Kenosha area residents can take advantage of this advanced medical imaging technology while staying close to home. "Physicians from the Milwaukee area and as far away as Chicago's North Shore are sending their patients to us," says Carol Pilger, Manager of KRC, "because of the capabilities and proximity of our 3T MRI scanner." "It's clear that the future of MRI is 3T. We knew we needed to expand to keep up with the demand for MRI imaging and decided that 3T is the best and really the only logical way to serve the community," says Dr. John Pallin.

The scanner is housed in a custom-designed suite lined with windows, a high ceiling and other features to make patients feel more comfortable. Unseen within the walls are half-inch-thick silicon steel and copper panels to eliminate any electromagnetic or radio frequency interference that could degrade image quality. The MRI suite is part of KRC's recent expansion.

Although this state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner is significantly more expensive to purchase, there is no additional charge to the patient for MRI exams performed on this equipment.

This new scanner is in addition to Kenosha Radiology Center's high-field Open MRI, which has been in operation since 2002. Along with imaging performed on these two MRI scanners, KRC offers CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, X-ray, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, and Bone Densitometry examinations.

T, or Tesla, measures magnetic field strength. 3T is 50,000 times the Earth's magnetic field strength at the North Pole.

For more information about KRC's 3T MRI, download a 3T FAQ pdf here.

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Summary of Imaging Studies Offered

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

bullet3.0T Ultra High-field MRI
bulletOpen MRI
bulletStudies of the Brain, Spine, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, Shoulders, Joints and Extremities
bulletMR Angiography
bulletMR Arthrography
bulletBreast MRI

Computed Tomography

bulletMulti-Detector CT of the Brain, Head and Neck, Spine, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis and Extremities
bulletDentascan for Preoperative Implant Planning
bulletCT Urograms
bulletCT Angiography
bulletCT Arthrography
bulletSinus CT
bulletCT Guided Needle Biopsy

Women's Diagnostic Imaging

bulletScreening and Diagnostic Mammography
bulletBreast Ultrasound
bulletUltrasound Guided Core Breast Biopsy
bulletBilateral Breast MRI
bulletDEXA Bone Densitometry


bulletPelvic and Endovaginal
bulletExtremity Venous Doppler
bulletCarotid Duplex Doppler
bulletInfant Hips
bulletUltrasound Guided Needle Biopsy

Nuclear Medicine

bulletCardiac Stress
bulletPharmacologic Cardiac Stress
bulletBone Scans
bulletRenal Scans
bulletGallium Scans
bulletHepatobiliary Studies
bulletThyroid Scan & Uptake

General Radiography

bulletVoiding Cystogram
bulletSkeletal Survey
bulletPlain Radiography

Image-guided Biopsy

bulletUltrasound Guided Core Breast Biopsy
bulletCT and Ultrasound Guided Needle Biopsy

Pediatric Imaging

Interventional Procedures

bulletFacet Injections
bulletEpidural Steroid Injections
bulletNerve Blocks
bulletJoint Injections

Additional Services

bulletRemote Electronic Viewing of Digital Studies over the Web
bulletDigital Studies available in CD-ROM format
bulletIntravenous Sedation available for MRI and CT
bulletWeekend MRI Hours

For printable summaries of all our procedures, click here.

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